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About Us

Tradeswomen Australia Group is a non-profit organisation working to increase the representation of women in skilled trade roles

Together, we aim for gender equality and empowerment for all women to access, participate and succeed in trades.

Since founding Tradeswomen Australia Group in 2013, we’ve been working hard to increase female representation to more than 2% of Australia’s trade industry workforce. While the challenge is considerable, with many barriers in place, we’re getting closer thanks to the help of our community partners and supporters. If we work together, we believe all women from all backgrounds will succeed in trades careers.

Our Approach

It all starts in the classroom. Students learn the foundational subjects – maths, science, history, and more – and begin to form their own opinions on what’s next for them after school. They look towards their teachers, career advisors, and parents to help answer questions and help them make the best decision.

There are a wide variety of opportunities within the trades industry for all genders, which is why Tradeswomen Australia is working so hard to make more students aware of all their options. After all, if a student doesn’t know about trades careers, they’re not likely to choose one. To date, we’ve brought our school programming to over 5,000 secondary school students across Victoria to show the variety of roles available, to meet the women who currently work in them, and where they can seek further information.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Tradeswomen Australia is also here to help women, of all ages and backgrounds, who are considering a trades pathway for the first time. Through our community programming, individual employment consulting, and jobs board, we’re here to help all women secure employment or apprenticeship in fair, safe, and secure workplaces.

For tradeswomen looking to grow their career through networking, mentoring a fellow tradeswoman, or even finding a new job – we’re here to help you too!

The change we’re working towards is possible with the support of employers in all industries to help break down barriers and increase representation.

We work with employers to improve the mental wellbeing of employees and workplace culture through diversity and inclusion initiatives. We hope by educating workplace leaders we can help reduce preventable mental injuries.

We offer our Workplace Diversity Project, diversity and inclusion training, and our job board to help all employers across the public and private sector become essential workplace champions.

We are aided by our supporters, who help us provide community programming, scholarships and more, to assist women into trades careers.

Our Values

Respect: We value all people and their intersectional diversity.

Integrity: We will act in a fair, transparent, honest and ethical way.

Equality: We believe in equal opportunity and human rights, particularly for women at all intersections, and we reject all forms of sexism, racism and xenophobia.

Courage: We are proactive, innovative and inspired by new ways of thinking to relieve distress and disadvantage.

Relationship: We invest in more than a handshake, aspiring to healthy and positive relationships. We build on friendships, camaraderie and valuable professional networks to further our Mission.

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We are proud to have committed partners, supporters, board members and staff who passionately advocate for gender equality and empowerment for all women to access, participate and succeed in trades.

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