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There’s never been a better time to start your trades career journey!

If you’ve been thinking about your future career, or changing jobs, why not get into trades?

  • Trade careers are well-paid and secure.
  • You can expect an average salary of around $80,000.
  • Over 60 trades are listed as having skills shortages, so there’s plenty of work available.

So, what trades career options are available? We offer a variety of resources to help support you in your search for the best trade pathway, including:

TradeUp Game

Put on your virtual toolbelt and try to solve the problems that a tradeswoman might face on a worksite with our augmented reality minigames

Tradeswomen Stories

Meet tradeswomen from across Australia. Learn their stories, including their background, how they got started in trades.

Virtual Experience

Immerse yourself in a trades experience, and get to interact with tradeswomen on site through our TradeUp360 VR.

Taster Workshops

Get hands on experience working with tools of the trade and chat to tradeswomen face to face through our Taster Workshops.

Trade Careers

Find out more about the many types of trades you can get into, pay and pathway opportunities.

Trades Networking

Build friendships and networks with other tradeswomen through social media and events.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Interested in learning more about apprenticeships and traineeships? Head to Apprenticeships Victoria’s website to explore their resources.


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Need a helping hand to decide what’s the best trades career for you? We’re here to help talk with you about your aspirations and help you find the best next step for you. Contact our Apprentice Engagement Officers today!


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