Remade for Trades

Remade for Trades is a free program for women.  It is for women who are experiencing hardship and would like learn about moving into a secure, well-paid job as a skilled tradeswoman.

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What’s It All About?

Remade for Trades is a flexible short course designed to support women into trades careers. We engage with groups of women at a local level to provide support, connectedness and a transition to employment and financial security.

Women who are or have experienced hardship and are now seeking financial security and an enjoyable, active career should attend a Remade for Trades Workshop. 

Women of all backgrounds are welcome including:

  • Indigenous, refugee, asylum-seeking and/or CALD backgrounds
  • Women who are differently abled 
  • Women experiencing challenging family and financial situations 


Women who have trouble getting to the course or finding childcare should talk to TWA about how we can help. 

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The program can be tailored to the requirements of the audience and area of need but it is typically delivered within 4 workshops that involve:

Workshop 1Get to know each other and the purpose of the program.
• Begin forming meaningful relationships with peers.
• Learn about the landscape of the trades industry.
• Discuss resilience in a workplace context.
Workshop 2Use ‘Try a Trade’ hands-on resources from Mas National.
• Price up a job and create a quote using ‘Try a Trade’ resources.
• Use existing and new skills to participate in trades-related activities.
Workshop 3Meet tradeswomen from different sectors and ask questions to understand pathways into different trades.
Workshop 4Take the next step into attaining a trade career.
• Receive application support.
• Connect individually with Mas National to receive tailored support.
• Take the next step in career journey.
Post-WorkshopsBegin mentoring relationship. Secure employment or training. Complete White Card in partnerships with Victoria University.

Upon completion, attendees will have:

  • Built awareness around the variety of roles that exist within the trades industry
  • Understand the pathways into trade roles
  •  Taken steps to pursue a role or further training within trades
  • Connected with employers or training providers that ensure gender-safe, secure workplaces 

Ongoing support for attendees who go on to settle into a new trades opportunity. 

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