Training and Support Services

Why do trades workplaces need training and support?

In the face of a national skills shortage, many trade industries face challenges in recruiting and retaining tradeswomen.

Barriers may include deep-rooted cultures and behaviours, lack of existing female representation, and stigmas surrounding male-dominated industries.  These barriers make it difficult to maintain mentally healthy, inclusive and equitable workplaces.

Tradeswomen Australia Group are leaders in supporting organisations to create diverse and inclusive workplace cultures.  We have the research, the knowledge, and experience in trades environments and a proven track record of delivering impactful programs.

We will help you attract and retain talented tradeswomen and create healthy and happy working environments for all your employees.

Workplaces embracing these changes look forward to a successful future with important benefits like:

  • Increased financial security and career opportunities for women.
  • Workplaces which are thriving, inclusive, safe, and productive.
  • Proven positive impact on the bottom line for companies.
  • Better mental health for everyone at work and at home.
  • Healthier workplaces with lower absenteeism and presenteeism.
  • Meeting the Building Equality Policy (VIC only) requirements and the Respect at Work responsibilities.

Programs with impact

We offer these proven programs and can create bespoke training for any trades team experiencing challenges with diversity and inclusion. 

Gender Lens Assessment Tool

An essential assessment from which an organisation can apply practical recommendations and develop strategies to boost gender inclusion and representation. Gives an understanding of the current culture and environment in your teams and provides a baseline from which take action.

Workplace Readiness Program

An essential program tailored to the needs of an organisation to establish best practice in alignment with the Building Equality Policy, assistance the GEAP, Respect at Work and create a culture and environment that supports gender inclusion and equity.

Inclusive Learning/Work Environments

A program designed to target culture that supports Diversity and Inclusion. Activities are designed to encourage participants to integrate the values of their organisation into everyday actions.

Bystander Training

A program designed to encourage all staff to become active bystanders to identify and reduce poor behaviours within the workplace. The program offers safe intervention techniques and how to apply them in the workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

An introduction to Diversity and Inclusion. Covers definitions and explores what diversity looks like in the workplace, teaches participants about intersectionality and grows participants awareness and gives practical tips on how to create a supportive environment which makes for a safer, more respectful, and healthier culture in any organisation.

Unconscious Bias Training

This program explores Unconscious Bias and how it can impact the culture of a workplace. Participants learn how to distinguish unconscious bias, how it is developed and receive tips on how to prevent and overcome it.

Recruitment Bias Training

This program explores Unconscious Bias and how it can influence the recruitment and advertising process. Participants learn how to distinguish unconscious bias, how it is developed and receive tips on how to prevent and overcome it.

Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing

A program addressing the link between the workplace and worker mental health. Participants will learn about the key elements of health and unhealthy workplaces, what effects each may have on workers and how to implement positive changes. Also covered is what a healthy workplace looks like, what hazardous behaviours are and how they affect the culture of the workplace, and how to create an inclusive culture.

Supervisor Mentoring

Through mentoring supports supervisors with additional tools and confidence when dealing with team management issues around creating a healthier, safer and more inclusive working environment.

Apprentice Mentoring

Through mentoring supports apprentices with the challenges of making the school to work transition, managing the workplace environment and understanding diversity and inclusion. Equips apprentices with additional tools and confidence to contribute to a healthier, safer and more inclusive working environment.

Leadership Training

Equips frontline leaders with additional tools to create a more inclusive and equitable culture and environment within the workplace. It includes change management techniques, builds awareness and offers engagement techniques with team members.

Recruitment Review

Is your organisation having issues with achieving diversity targets in your recruitment? Are you finding it hard to reach the right applicants? Our team are happy to work with you to review your recruitment processes, practices, marketing and advertisements to reach a wider tradeswomen audience and assist in making your campaign more impactful.

Workplace Review

Has your organisation created a holistic safe system of work, and effectively communicated to all staff? We can conduct a review for you, covering people, structure and process. Items for review include policies, procedures, codes of conduct, organisational and reporting strategies, infrastructure, consultation and work plans. Once the review is completed, you will be provided with a detailed report, score, checklist and recommendations on each area for action.

Bespoke Training

If your organisation needs to challenge particular issues, we can build the perfect training package for you. We provide personalised support, tailored training outlines and no-obligation quotation.

Our training can be delivered online through virtual or face-to-face sessions by our experienced training staff. We can host training through our Learning Management System or work with you to integrate it into your own training system.

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Training Services

“The series of Unconscious Bias training organised and facilitated by Trades Women Australia had a great impact on the diversity and culture of our division. The feedback was immediate and our employees appreciated dynamic panel of experts sharing their powerful stories of bias and inequity. It was both thought provoking and great starting point to challenge our own internal bias”
Karolina Vlkova -
Fletcher Building

Support Services

“We are proud to be working closely with the team at Tradeswomen Australia (TWA). Along with their broad knowledge and understanding of the trade industry and of our business, the partnership has enabled us to collaborate in the aim to broaden mindsets and encourage and aspire more women to consider trades as a viable career path.”
Mark Rademaker
General Manager Human Resources, Programmed