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We’re here to help you hire more tradeswomen and create a healthier, happier, inclusive, and equitable workplace

Looking for more tradeswomen to join and stay with your workforce? We’re here to help you list your vacancies on our jobs board, promote your job opportunities on our social channels, and work to improve your workplaces through our Workplace Diversity Project and other training and services.

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Workplace Diversity Project

A poor workplace culture and environment will affect your staff’s mental health and wellbeing. It affects job satisfaction, relationships with other staff members, presenteeism, and many other factors.

With poor mental health and wellbeing – you organisation is affected overall. You’ll see a decline in performance, productivity, reputation, recruiting, pipeline, retention of valuable workers, profits, as well as an increased risk exposure to Workcover claims.

So, what can we do to improve your staff’s mental health and wellbeing?

Introducing our Workplace Diversity Project.

Together, we’ll help you create a great workplace where all staff members feel accepted, supported, and included. Through the Workplace Diversity Project, your supervisors have the chance to become diversity and inclusion leaders, equipped to improve the overall culture and environment of each of your workplaces, prevent mental injuries and improve mental health and wellbeing for frontline workers.

This ground-breaking, industry-first project aims to work with organisations at all levels to improve the mental wellbeing of employees and workplace culture through diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our dedicated project team will provide universal, end-to-end solutions for your organisation, work with your HR team to develop robust policies and procedures, as well as offer one on one mentoring with frontline leaders to become diversity and inclusion champions through training and resource access.

Training and other services

Creating Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Environments

This course on diversity, inclusion and equity will enable you and your team to create a workplace environment that embraces differences, challenges unconscious biases, and develops healthy respect between teams.

Bystander Action

This course will help your team become empowered to act when faced with harmful behaviours at work.

Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

Participants are introduced to the concept of unconscious bias, types of bias that affect the recruitment process (such as gender, age, culture), encouraged to pinpoint, challenge, and outsmart their unconscious biases and create equity within the organisation.

Bespoke Training

If your organisation wants to create greater awareness and improvements, or challenge particular issues, within the organisation, we are more than happy to build the perfect training package for you.

Recruitment Review

Is your organisation having issues with achieving diversity targets in your recruitment? Are you finding it hard to reach the right applicants? Our team are happy to work with you to review your recruitment processes, practices, marketing, and advertisements to reach a wider tradeswomen audience and assist in making your campaign more impactful.

Workplace Review

Has your organisation created a holistic safe system of work, and effectively communicated to all staff? We can conduct a review for you, covering people, structure, and process.