Annual Report

Our 2020-2021 Year in Review

We celebrate another successful year at Tradeswomen Australia Group. Together with community members, we work to create inclusive trades workplaces and to support women into financial security and valued community and economic contribution through trade careers. 


Our Vision

Gender equality and empowerment for all girls and women to access, participate and succeed in trades.

Women to live free of poverty and disadvantage and are able to participate in the career and life of their choice.


Our Mission

To increase the representation of women working in skilled trade roles by working with employees and employers across the public and private sectors.

We raise community awareness, educate and support women who are at risk or in vulnerable situations to transition to financial and life security through trade


Our Goals 

  • Engage the community and generate awareness of trade options for girls and women including those at risk and in vulnerable situations.
  • Reduce barriers for girls and women to access trade careers.
  • Support employers to create thriving, inclusive, productive environments.
  • Enable women to thrive in sustainable careers after their apprenticeship or
  • Enhance TWAG operational efficiency, effectiveness and sustainable impact


Our Values

RESPECT: We value all people and their diversity.

INTEGRITY: We will act in a fair, transparent, honest and ethical way.

EQUALITY: We believe in equal opportunity and human rights particularly for women, and we reject all forms of sexism, racism and xenophobia.

COURAGE: We are proactive, innovative, inspired by new ways of thinking and new ways of relieving distress and disadvantage.

RELATIONSHIP: We invest in more than a handshake, aspiring to healthy and positive business relationships with colleagues, partners, clients, associates and any other entity that directly or indirectly contributes to the success of our organisation. We build on friendships, camaraderie and valuable professional networks to further our mission.


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