Supporting Women to Succeed Tasmania

This ground-breaking project is based in North West Tasmania.  It aims to support employers to not only recruit trade-ready women into non-traditional trades, but also create thriving, healthy work cultures and environments for them to enter through a 12-month cultural change program through diversity and inclusion strategies.

About the Project

The Project is made up of two facets:

Remade for Trades Program – engaging with women who are interested in trades, and providing them with the tools and ongoing support to become trade ready. 

Workplace Diversity Project – designed to provide training, mentoring, resources and support for workplace supervisors to become champions of change in the workplace. As key influencers, supervisors will be provided with the tools and confidence to improve inclusion, better strategies for mental health and wellbeing for teams, and skills enabling them to challenge behaviours and biases that create poor workplace culture. Workplace leaders will be receive guidance to encourage workers to be part of the change to create a holistically healthy and better environment for all diverse groups, particularly for women.

The Project is supported by the Tasmanian Government‘s Supporting Women to Succeed Grant Program. The Program supports organisations to undertake projects that drive cultural change to improve outcomes for women in Tasmania.

Keystone Tasmania has contributed to the Workplace Diversity Project to support construction organisations to undertake cultural change and environmental transformation.

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Want to find out more about the project, or interested in participating?

Download a copy of our Workplace Diversity Project brochure, or  Contact us today.

Learn more about Remade for Trades and our Workplace Diversity Project

Want to find out more about the projects, or interested in participating?

Download a copy of our Workplace Diversity Project brochure, find about more about Remade for Trades or Contact us today.


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