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WorkWell Workplace Diversity Project

The WorkWell Workplace Diversity Project positive final evaluation was submitted to WorkSafe in early 2023 and released in July 2023.  

The positive result of the Project has shown that culture change is possible and mental health in the workplace can be improved.  Tradeswomen Australia delivers this workplace transformation program to any trades organisation or industry.  Our staff are experienced in trades environments and understand the current challenges. 

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The WorkWell Workplace Diversity Project is supported by WorkSafe Victoria’s WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund.

About the Project
This ground-breaking, industry first Project worked successfully with all levels of automotive organisations in Victoria to prevent mental injuries and improve mental health and wellbeing for frontline workers through diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The WorkWell Workplace Diversity Project provided holistic solutions for our participating partner organisations, so their organisational frameworks were reviewed and designed or re-designed to support diversity and inclusion. 

Workplace supervisors completed modules that instructed them on a range of diversity and inclusion topics including policies, procedures, leadership and recruitment.  This provided workplace leaders with the tools  mentoring and support to become diversity and inclusion champions and include relevant information to front line staff.

The Project was delivered with support of the WorkSafe Victoria WorkWell Mental Health Improvement Fund, which aims to promote mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental injury and illness by changing workplace cultures and practices. 

Participating Partner Organisations

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Access collateral used to explain the project to participants by downloading our Project Information Brochure, or contact us today.