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Interested in exploring what trades career options are available? Hear from over 50 tradeswomen across Australia about what they do, how they got there and advice they have for women entering the industry. Listen to our podcast interviews.

In early 2022, we’ll also share 360 videos of what a day is like at different job sites, and online games to explore projects you could help solve on site.  

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Are you looking for a job or apprenticeship? Browse hundreds of part-time, casual, entry and senior-level roles across Australia on our Jobs Board.

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Are you having difficulties finding the job or apprenticeship in your preferred industry or location? We’re here to help. Our Apprentice Engagement Officers are here to make sure you land your next role.


We offer our Remade for Trades program and school program to support girls and women in our communities into valuable, well-paid careers in the trades industries. Learn more about our current and upcoming programs, and register your interest in future events.


Our Mentoring Program connects women beginning their trades career journeys with experienced tradeswomen mentors. Mentors support their mentees professional development, helping them become more confident, self-aware and ready to try new skills.