Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does Tradeswomen Australia Group do?
  • Where is Tradeswomen Australia based?
    • Our head office is in Geelong, Victoria. Our staff are also based in Geelong, as well as Melbourne, and will shortly be based in Tasmania.
  • Can you help me with questions on wages, awards, conditions and superannuation?
  • I’m experiencing or witnessing workplace bullying and harassment. How do I help prevent or respond to it?
  •  I’m interested in a trade career, but I’m not sure where to start
  •  How do I get in touch with other tradeswomen online?
    • We encourage you to join up to groups such as Tradeswomen Network, SALT, Tradie Ladies Support Group, Lady Tradies and Rocking Chicks, Sparkettes and other tradeswomen groups.
  •  How do I meet up face to face with other tradeswomen near me?
  • How can I support women in trades?
    • Supporting tradeswomen can be as simple as educating yourself and becoming aware of the current statistics and barriers of tradeswomen in Australia (research page)
    • If you’re a tradeswoman, you might want to join online forums or meet face to face to give advice and support to other tradeswomen like you. You might also like to share your story and feature in our monthly tradeswoman profiles (link: contact info@twaus.com.au). You might also consider taking out time to share your skills and knowledge and become a mentor (link to mentor page).
    • If you work in trades, you can encourage your employer to consider hiring more diverse candidates for an upcoming position, and recruit women through our jobs portal 
    • If you own a trade business, you can recruit female apprentices and qualified tradeswomen, and undertake our training services to improve workplace culture and behaviours, or as well as become a sponsor  
  • How can our organisation collaborate with TWA, or become a TWA partner?
  • How can I try out a trade before getting into a job?
    • There are various programs run by organisations throughout Australia. We recommend contacting SALT as a starting point, who have run many taster workshop sessions across Australia to date.

How can our organisation collaborate with TWA, or become a TWA partner?

Please feel free to send us a request via info@twaus.com.au