Why we do it

All women deserve equal opportunities

The Reality

Australia is entering a lengthy process of economic recovery. Government and private sector investment in construction and infrastructure will be central to the recovery process.

But with 98% of the construction and infrastructure workforce comprised of men, some of Australia’s most recession-impacted women and families will miss out on the recovery.

And employers will miss out on a valuable pool of excellent, dedicated talent.

The Facts

With 65 trades on the National Skills shortage list and women representing only 2% of the trades workforce, we are keen to encourage and support female talent to help fill the gap in Australia.

Plus, we know that employers who improve diversity and inclusion in their workforces will see improvements in productivity, profitability, retention and general workplace environment – as shown in our research.

What We’re Doing

We’re working to increase the representation of women working in skilled trade roles by working with employees and employers across the public and private sectors to make trades workplaces more inclusive.

We’re also raising community awareness, educating and supporting those at risk or in vulnerable situations to transition to financial and life security through trade careers.

How You Can Help

Join us in making sure all girls and women have the opportunity to work financially secure trades roles.

Get Involved

Tradeswomen’s Stories

Every month, we speak to a tradeswoman about her story, including her background, training and career path. 

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