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Mentoring Program

Helping You Find and Secure Your Next Role

It can feel lonely and overwhelming to enter a predominately male workplace, especially without female role models on site.

Our Mentoring Program connects women beginning their trades career journeys with experienced tradeswomen mentors. Mentors support their mentees professional development, helping them become more confident, self-aware, and ready to try new skills.


Mentoring Benefits

For Mentees:

  • Expanded personal and professional network
  • Supported and more engaged with workplace or course
  • Sounding board for testing ideas and trying new skills
  • Positive and constructive feedback on personal and professional development areas

For Mentors:

  • Build your leadership skills through instruction
  • Improve the art of delivering feedback
  • Become a better listener
  • Help shape the leaders of tomorrow


How It Works

Our Mentoring Program is part of our Remade for Trades program. All program participants are connected to an experienced, long-term tradeswoman mentor who they will meet with for 1 hour per month for 1 year.

Program Begins

  • Participants paired with Mentors based on interests and expertise
  • Mentors offered guidance and support around professional development

Continued Support

  • Participants meet with Mentors 1 hour per month for 12 months
  • Ongoing support and membership provided for the duration of the participants’ new work opportunity


Become a Mentor

We’re looking for tradeswomen to mentor women in our programs!

Our participants are pursuing many trades career pathways after completing our Remade for Trades program. You will help further build their confidence in a professional context by supporting them through their next career steps.

We’re looking for all trade industries and experiences as our mentees are interested in it all! We’ll do our best to pair mentors and mentees based on interests and experience.

You will meet with your mentee once per month for 12 months (in person or online – you choose.)

Contact us today to become a member!

Partnering Together

Interested in bringing our mentoring program to your business or community organisation? We would love to work together to customise a program that best supports your mentees’ professional development, and to meet your desired outcomes.

Our program is typically run through our Learning Management System (LMS) to provide one place to engage and monitor mentoring relationships. It also allows us to provide:

  • Co-branded content that supports mentors and mentees to build a positive mentoring relationship
  • Resilience and confidence building activities
  • Mentor and mentee training to support each participants’ professional development
  • Regular reports on engagement, participants’ survey responses, and overall program impact

Participants are connected to a Mentor to meet for 1 hour per month for 1 year. The mentor will be a current tradesperson who offers guidance and support around professional development. Mentors can come from your organisation or from the Tradeswomen Australia Group pool. We provide the participants with ongoing support and membership for the duration of their new work opportunity.

We’re also willing to further customise this program to best fit your desired outcomes.

Contact us or send us an email

Photo: Louise Beaumont, Getty Images/iStock