Programs for Job Seekers

Supporting Women in Our Communities into Trades Careers

We offer programming for communities and schools across Australia to support girls and women into valuable, well-paid careers in the trades industries.

We welcome women from all backgrounds, and particularly focus on women in vulnerable demographics, including:

  • Relatively recently arrived in Australia
  • In lower-income households
  • Recovering from traumatic experiences
  • Experiencing or having experienced other hardship or adverse circumstances


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Remade for Trades Program

Remade for Trades is a free program designed to support women who’ve experienced challenges in life by helping them into valuable well-paid careers in the trades industry. Through our workshop series and a year-long mentoring and support program, we provide the women in our program relief, support, counselling, connectedness and a transition to employment and financial security.

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School Program

We’re speaking with girls and young women at schools throughout Victoria about the variety of opportunities available within the trades industry and why they should consider them. After all, if you don’t know about trade options, you’re not likely to choose one. 

We offer presentations and activities to support schools in showcasing the trades as valid and viable career options for students transitioning to their next stage. To date, we’ve spoken with over 1,000 students across Victoria.

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Interested in exploring what trades career options are available?

We offer a variety of resources to help support you in your search for the best trade pathway:

  • 360 videos of what a day is like on a variety of job sites
  • Podcasts with tradeswomen to learn what they do and how they got there
  • Online games that show what types of problems you could solve on site


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