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Tradeswomen Australia Group strives for gender equality and empowerment for all girls and women to access, participate and succeed in trades

We’re working to educate, encourage, recruit, and retain more women in trade careers.

We raise community awareness, educate and support women at risk or in vulnerable situations to transition to financial and life security through trades careers and pathways, and connect those women to trades employers.

We support businesses in all trade industries to fill their empty roles with a previously untapped workforce – women! We do this by leading large-scale culture change projects that aim to change social attitudes in the workforce, empowering businesses to take the lead and remove barriers for women wishing to enter their trade.

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Most know what plumbers and electricians do. But what about horticulturists? Learn about a variety of trade industries through our resources, including 360 videos , podcast episodes, and more! Start exploring today.

Remade for Trades Program

Our Remade for Trades program is a flexible short course designed to support women into trades careers. We partner with community organisations and Local Government Areas to provide relief, support, counselling, connectedness and a transition to employment and financial security for women in their communities.

Learn more about our current Remade for Trades program, how you can sign-up as a participant or partner with us to provide this program in your community.

Consulting and Recruitment Services

We’re here to help women find an apprenticeship or their next job! Connect with us here.


One of the most significant barriers is how lonely and overwhelming it can feel entering a predominately male workplace, especially without female role models on site. By having an experienced, long-term tradeswoman mentor to speak with regularly, women entering trades are more confident, self-aware, and ready to try new skills.

As part of our Remade for Trades program, participants meet with a tradeswoman mentor who helps them become more confident and ready to try new skills.

School Programs

We’re speaking with girls and young women at schools throughout Victoria about the variety of opportunities available within the trades industry. After all, if you don’t know about trade options, you’re not likely to choose one. 

We offer presentations and activities to support schools in showcasing the trades as valid and viable career options for students transitioning to their next stage. To date, we’ve spoken with over 1,000 students across Victoria.

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Whether you’re looking for an apprenticeship, your first full-time role or looking for your next opportunity to advance your career – we’re here to help. Visit our jobs board for the latest jobs. In addition, we encourage you to make a profile and sign up for job alerts; that way, you’re the first to know about the latest roles. 

If you’re not quite sure what role is best for you, or you’re struggling to find work in an industry you’re passionate about, we’re here to help with our free consulting and recruitment services. Get in touch with us today!


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Improving your Workplaces


Are you looking to make your work environment more diverse, inclusive, and mentally healthy? Our Workplace Diversity Project aims to support businesses to create environments that embrace diversity and inclusion through their recruitment, employee support, and workplace practices. The project is tailored to your organisation’s value system and code of conduct to ensure we meet your desired outcomes. Learn more here

We’re also here to help you with additional training to help further improve your workplace, including:

  • Code of Conduct Development – Add diversity, inclusion, mental health, and wellbeing to your value system
  • Support Network – Connect women entering the trade industry to those who exist as employees in your organisation. Assist in branding your organisation as an employer of choice for tradeswomen
  • Employment Pathways – Run a training session targeted at reducing bias in the recruitment process
  • Mentoring – Facilitate mentoring opportunities for your tradeswomen within your organisation or within our more extensive network

Recruitment Process

One of the largest barriers for women is finding diverse and inclusive employers who support their employees to reduce preventable mental health injuries.

We’re here to help you improve your recruitment process and achieve your hiring goals. Let’s reach your desired outcomes together

Take Your Career to the Next Level


It can feel lonely and overwhelming for women entering a predominately male workplace, especially without female role models on site. However, with an experienced, long-term mentor to speak with regularly, tradeswomen entering trades are more confident, self-aware, and ready to try new skills.

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Thanks to our sponsors and generous donations, we’re able to support women across Australia into successful trades careers. Interested in helping support our organisation? Learn more here.