TWA was lucky enough to interview painter extraordinaire, Karly Gaffy, recently. Karly completed her painting apprenticeship last year and took time out of her busy schedule to share her story:



Thanks for joining us Karly. We’d love to know the reasons that made you decide to undertake an apprenticeship?

I ended up finishing year 11 and decided to not do year 12. I got my first job at good old Bunnings and I would see all the tradies come and go. I’d see a few women tradies too which sparked my interest, and decided I wouldn’t mind doing a trade. I ended up finding a painter and got on an apprenticeship.



We’re so glad you were inspired to take up the trade. What do you like about your job and the type of work you do?

I fell in love with painting during my 2 week trial and ever since than I haven’t wanted to do anything other than painting. I like how there’s always a different work place – you’re not always in the same place for too long. I also love how my job enables me to work indoors and outdoors. I feel as though it gives me a good balance to learn my trade.



You’re obviously passionate about what you do. Tell us, what is your favourite aspect of the job?

Meeting and interacting with clients is always a pleasure but my favourite aspect about my job is how I can transform a house with just a bit of colour and skill.



Clients must love you – your ability to interact with them, as well as your commitment to the outcome. Thinking about your apprenticeship experience as well as the trade, what advice would you give to other young women considering an apprenticeship?

Dont be scared to give it ago, it may be nerve wracking at first and at times you may feel overwhelmed but coming from someone who is fully qualified, doing my apprenticeship was the best decision I ever made. It has made me a stronger and more independent person and has taught me that gender has no bearings in my ability to do my trade.



That’s so encouraging Karly! And what’s your long term strategy within the industry?

Hopefully owning and running my own successful business.



Let us know a bit more about you outside of work – what are your interests? Sport, hobbies, etc?

I’m very into fitness, I usually go for long runs and most times workout too. I also enjoy going out on adventures, love my water falls and farmer markets! Family and friends mean a lot to me, so I always enjoy hanging with family and also my friends. In my down time I enjoy watching YouTube videos in my interest areas.



TWA thank Karly for taking out the time to share her amazing story with us and wish her the best in her future endeavours of setting up her own business. Karly’s firm sense of direction, her commitment to excellence as well as her positive frame of mind in pursuing a painting career in spite of industry obstacles makes her a great role model for aspiring apprentices.