Rhiannon is an Overhead Apprentice at Yarra Trams and is part of an all-female group of apprentices at Yarra Trams, the biggest tram network in the world.

TWA: When did you realise you were interested in taking up a trade?

Rhiannon: When I was doing traffic control for Yarra Trams, I worked alongside the overhead department and realised the work being done was something I would enjoy.

TWA: When you first decided to do a trades apprenticeship did you receive support from people around you for your choice of career?

R: My family work within trades so there was a lot of support from them to work in a trades role.

TWA: Did you consider any other career options?

R: Yes, I was a hairdresser prior to doing this apprenticeship. I went to a school that was big on women going into trades

TWA:  Tell us about your career so far and what you have enjoyed the most about working in trades.

R: I enjoy working with the great team at Yarra Trams and like that it is a family friendly environment. I also enjoy the challenges of this role.