To date, Tradeswomen Australia have had the privilege of interviewing a wide range of talented, diverse trailblazers across Australia. Recently, we were fortunate to come across Nothando, a passionate auto technician who completed her apprenticeship in Zimbabwe in 2014, currently located in Netherlands and looking to migrate to Australia.


Nothando recalled her journey into becoming a motor mechanic with us, the challenges and celebrations of her work, the enjoyment of working in great teams, and looking towards setting up her own workshop in Australia:


What are the reasons that made you decide to undertake an apprenticeship?

Being orphaned at a young age, I had no money for University. So taking up an apprenticeship allowed me to learn and earn at the same time. I have to say apprenticeships are the best way to kick-start your future career, it creates opportunities and a foundation needed for your long term career.


And what were the reasons that made you decide to undertake Motor Mechanics?

I became interested in motor mechanics because I always liked challenging things. I even created my own saying; “What men can do women can do”. I also knew that with my abilities I can make it in this trade.


What do you like about your job and type of work you do?

I really enjoy working in teams – there is a real sense of teamwork in the auto mechanic trade. There’s also a great amount of satisfaction from successfully completing the tasks.


What’s your favourite aspect of your job and the type of work you do?

Firstly, I love the fact that it’s a hands-on job. I’m also a hard worker and love working on a range of challenges and getting the job done. And I also love it when a customer is a happy and satisfied with job that I’ve completed.


If given the opportunity, what advice would you give to other young women considering an apprenticeship?

I would like to advise young women out there to follow their dreams, get involved in what they know best. Also, never let any obstacles hinder them whether they are great or small.


Where do you see yourself ending up in the long term? Ie: starting your own business, become a teacher and share your knowledge?

Firstly, I would like an opportunity to further my studies in Australia and gain more knowledge in my trade. In the long run I see myself as an owner, managing a garage where cars are serviced and fixed at the same time. I would love to be a mentor to young women out there who would love to join the Automotive industry.


Let us know a bit more about you outside of work – what are your interests? Sport, hobbies, etc?

I am an athletic person – I love running and skating.