Workplace culture is the accumulation of beliefs, behavioural expectations and value systems that combine to create an organisation’s working environment. A positive and supportive workplace culture can be the difference when it comes to attraction and retention in the industry. Leaders within an organisation are responsible for setting an example and upholding the organisations values as role models who employees will look to for guidance, particularly in times of change.

WorkSafe’s work-related factors are a great starting point for assessing and understanding what aspects of your organisation may be positively or negatively influencing your workplace culture and therefore, your ability to attract and retain employees. Some examples of work-related factors are highlighted below:

  • Recognition & Rewards: Every employee is different; however, it is likely most do appreciate and value being recognised and rewarded for the work that they do. Words of support, encouragement from leaders, and actively commending employees when they do a great job or reach a target are invaluable in facilitating a positive and mentally healthy workplace environment.
  • Job Demands: Sometimes it can be hard to predict workflows, whether that be high or low. Checking in regularly and monitoring workloads is essential to maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Too much work may induce stress and anxiety whereas not enough work may lead to lack of engagement and decreased job satisfaction, therefore leading to and/or contributing to poor mental health.
  • Support: Poor support in the workplace can contribute to psychosocial hazards. This can occur in tasks or jobs where employees have inadequate emotional and/or physical support from supervisors and fellow employees, inadequate training and/or information on how to perform the task, and inadequate equipment and resources to do the job.


Essentially, these factors as well as others can significantly impact an organisation’s ability to attract new employees and in turn, retain them in their positions. Retaining staff is more cost-effective and provides organisations with competitive advantage amongst others in the industry. If your workplace culture is a positive experience for your employees, it is more likely they will want to remain at the organisation and this reputation will, therefore, bolster your ability to attract new talent.

If you want more information on WorkSafe’s work-related factors, follow the link below.