Workplace Wellbeing: what is it and how does it impact productivity?

Workplace wellbeing refers to how we feel when we’re at work. The goal of workplace wellbeing is to ensure that all employees feel safe, valued, included, and respected while in the workplace. Many of us spend more time with our colleagues and customers than we do with our family and friends, so promoting wellbeing in our businesses is crucial, as our time at work can impact our physical and mental health. Simply put, the happier we are at work, the happier and healthier we are outside of work.

Working in an environment with low workplace wellbeing may motivate us to take excessive sick days, consider quitting our jobs, and lead to burn out. We may also experience presenteeism, where we stay at work despite our dissatisfaction or the toll it is taking on our mental health, which results in disengagement and reduced productivity. What can we do to increase workplace wellbeing for our team and for ourselves?

A study by Reventure Ltd highlighted that 61% of Australian workers identified high team morale as the greatest indicator of employee wellbeing, so it is important to strengthen and invest in team relationships where possible. Organising team lunches, having one-on-one check ins with team members, recognising and rewarding hard work, and allowing employees to ask for help and communicate challenges, can all contribute to enhancing team morale. Additionally, a motivated, empathetic, and encouraging leadership style can strengthen team morale and contribute to improving workplace wellbeing. 



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