In line with the phenomenal work that Tradeswomen Australia have paved in the advocacy of young women into non-traditional roles, The Department of Education and Training’s Head Start program is fostering and mentoring young women who have dared to leap into these non-traditional jobs.

Tradeswomen Australia and Head Start are pleased to announce their new partnership which is designed to support and empower young women of the future.


The Head Start program is designed to increase the number of secondary school students entering areas of identified skill shortages.

Starting as a part-time apprentice, Head Start students will quickly become an integral part of the business and will be a highly valued addition to the team. Over a short period of time, they typically spend more time doing important paid on-the-job training while completing their VCE or VCAL at school.

 A Head Start apprentice:

    1. Is a student studying at secondary school whilst beginning their apprenticeship.
    2. Is intending to complete Year 12 to gain the highest level of numeracy and literacy skills our education system offers.
    3. Is a high-quality candidate, having been carefully selected by the Head Start team in conjunction with their school and family. 
    4. Is passionate about being an apprentice.  Their level of maturity and readiness to enter the workforce has been thoroughly vetted.
    5. Is mentored and supported by a Head Start Industry Coordinator through to the end of their apprenticeship.
    6. Starts their journey working part-time and when they leave school, they transfer to a full-time apprentice.


Head Start began operating last year and is proud to have successfully placed young women in building, construction, and light and heavy mechanical apprenticeships. Their attitude, skill level and work ethic is exceptional.

Supporting work experience and structured work experience programs that lead to an ongoing relationship through an apprenticeship will change the employment landscape for young women, the businesses who take them on, and industry. 


We would like to celebrate these young women and their employers as they help address the gender imbalance in these occupations. If you can support another young person into the industry, please contact