With our partner Programmed, TWA contributed to bring leaders from three male-dominated sectors (sport, trade and surgery) together to gain insights into challenges women encounter and learn about global good practices to attract and retain women as leaders.

It was also an opportunity to implement practical interventions to support women in workplace leadership positions and discuss and address challenges faced during that intervention. Four focus areas were targeted including career pathways, networking, mentoring, and gender bias.

As a result, a co-designed ‘ Guide for Action’ was created that provides recommended practices for organisations to embrace in future.

You can find the research here https://zurl.co/fRMQ

l-r Tradeswomen Australia CEO, Janet Cribbes, ESSA CEO, Anita Hobson-Powell, Dr Susan Alberti AC, VicHealth Future Health Group Executive Manager Sarah Loh and VU Susan Alberti Women in Sport Chair, Professor Clare Hanlon