Tradeswomen Australia today has released stage one of its PROTECT and PRESERVE campaign as the impact of COVID-19 shutdowns start to bite.

Fiona McDonald, Managing Director of Tradeswomen Australia said ‘Operation Protect and Preserve’ targets the protection of apprentices from the loss of their apprenticeships, or having the apprenticeship interrupted for a long period, which may result in them forfeiting their chosen career as they are forced to pursue work in other areas.

“Apprentices who have partly completed their training and qualifications have made a big investment in their future and it is important they are given the opportunity to complete their qualifications.”

The Tradeswomen Australia ‘Operation Protect and Preserve’ program provides one on one support to help apprentices and tradeswomen get back into the workforce, enables them access financial support and addresses concerns relating to redundancy.

Major leading companies from the Industry such as VERTO and NextGen will be involved providing valuable support where participants will be able to learn and ask questions about:

  • Current or upcoming positions
  • What VERTO look for during the recruitment process
  • Things to focus on in an interview
  • Tips and tricks of getting a job

This will be followed by a 30 minute question and answer session.

Ms McDonald said a range of events will be available on the website to address ongoing concerns from apprentices by supporting their mental health, and safety and resilience during these distressing times. There are also online classes in Pilates. Yoga and Mindfulness.

Click HERE to register for the program and events

The Tradeswomen Australia Operation Protect and Preserve apprentice action sheet listed:

  1. REGISTER – On the Apprentice displacement portals
  2. FINANCIAL SUPPORT – Check what Financial support is available
  3. REDUCE YOUR BILLS – Get your budget under control
  4. UPDATE YOUR RESUME – List all your experience
  5. USE SOCIAL MEDIA- Reach out you to friends and acquaintances
  6. NETWORK – Make a list of relevant contacts
  7. APPLY – Go to Tradeswomen Australia Job’s Portal and register.
  8. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF – These organisations provide free services to support you


Register for ‘Operation Protect and Preserve’ on the Tradeswomen Australia website –


Media Enquiries:

Ron Smith, Media Communications, Tradeswomen Australia –

Mobile: 0417 329 201.